Chapter 1321: Killing With A Borrowed Knife

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty!”

An advance emperor cultivator coughing out blood before trading blows with the enemy?! At this rate, wouldn’t they collapse before the first sword was drawn? The meeting dissolved into shambles.

“My condolences, Your Majesty, please take care of your august self!”

“Your Majesty, the fate of the empire rests on your shoulders!”

The officials were panicking. They normally enjoyed the greatest wealth and most eminent status thanks to the imperial system. The imperial family was the core of that system, and the emperor the pillar of the imperial family. Without the emperor, they would lose everything. 

But now, thoughts of self-gain were flying out of heads. The enemy was at the gate, and if the emperor toppled over, all would fall with him like dominoes, leaving the ministers helpless wheat to be reaped by the enemy’s scythe.

They didn’t mind invading someone else and plundering riches for their own selfish desires,...

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