Chapter 132: It’s So Hard to Keep a Low Profile (Teaser)

Chapter 132: It’s So Hard to Keep a Low Profile

The opinions of this group clearly conflicted and everyone gazes finally rested on the tall, stocky youth with a high nose bridge.

This person was obviously the leader.

“Senior brother Kuang, what do you say? Do we arrest this group of rampantly cocky people?”

“Senior brother Kuang, according to what this little brother thinks, those two frauds have long since made their escape. It will be hard to find them amidst the mountain of clouds and sea of mist.”

“Yes, this group of people swaggered and strutted as they flew over our heads, and the presence of their steeds will surely cover the presence of those two frauds. How then,will we chase after them?”

“Indeed, if we can’t catch those two frauds at the end of the day, it’ll largely have to do with this bunch of bastards. If it wasn’t for them passing by and washing away the frauds’ presence, it wouldn’t have made our search so difficult!”

The band of people actually transferred their anger onto Jiang Chen’s group, completely pushing off their own incompetencies in the search operation onto the latter’s head.

The tall and stalwart senior brother Kuang smiled amusedly, sizing up Jiang Chen’s group with an unfriendly gaze, as if a butcher measuring sheep for slaughter.

“You there, who are you? I’ll give...

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