Chapter 1319: The Terrifying Rat Flood

The morning sunlight was gentle and enchanting in Great Scarlet Mid Region, but it was tinted with the redness of blood. The arrival of Jiang Chen’s mighty army trapped everyone inside the territory like ducks in a barrel.

“Ole Gold, I’ve raised you for so long, now it’s time for your clan to get to work.” Jiang Chen summoned the Goldbiter Rat King.

With an uncanny, bloodthirsty smile, the rat king responded, “Young lord, just sit back and watch the show.”

“Don’t be in such a rush,” Jiang Chen admonished. “Take your clan and surround the capital. Anyone who enters or leaves is to be viewed as wanting to go down with the imperial family.”

“Young lord, can’t we just kill everyone?” The rat king was slightly disappointed. He had hundreds of millions of descendants. It would be quite a feast if they made it into the capital. In fact, they were already champing at the bit to do so.


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