Chapter 1318: House Yan’s Forefather

“Cloudsoar, you four monarchs are to set out tonight and rush to Myriad Domain at first light. Block all exits and stop any Great Scarlet survivors from escaping in that direction.”

The four monarchs sprang into action.

The Geng brothers didn’t even stop at the Nirvana Sect on their march to Myriad Domain. Everything was now in place.

“Palace Head Dan Chi, the time has come. Tomorrow’s dawn will mark the demise of Great Scarlet and the resurgence of the Regal Pill Palace.” Jiang Chen gazed in Great Scarlet’s direction, his gaze foreboding.

That night, a bizarre fear worked its way into the peaceful darkness of Great Scarlet. Sleep eluded the Great Scarlet emperor that night. He couldn’t stop his eyelid from twitching, and there was an indescribable feeling stirring in his chest. 

At first, he’d felt some relief after sending away the crown prince and the other elite imperial descendents. But for some reason, his mood became as dark as the night...

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