Chapter 1317: The Nirvana Sect Contributes

Following that, the emperor made many preparations, summoned some important scions of the imperial family, and detailed the perilous situation to them.

“Each of you is an elite child of House Yan. Great Scarlet is on the verge of collapse, so our bloodline’s future falls upon your shoulders. You shall leave Great Scarlet and go incognito. You may return in a few decades if it’s safe. If we end up destroyed, then this enmity will be yours to carry. Never forget your mission. There’s hope as long as you’re alive. Are there any cowards in our House Yan?”


“We obey all of your orders, Your Majesty!”

“Why would the great men of House Yan cower in front of an upstart?” Most of these juniors bubbled with the vigor and hubris of youth. They rejected Jiang Chen from the very bottom of their hearts. Even now, they couldn’t associate a country bumpkin from the sixteen kingdoms alliance with the earthshaking young lord Zhen.

“Your Majesty,...

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