Chapter 1316: Routed Before The First Sword Drawn

A fight to the bitter end, that was the most lionhearted suggestion. The emperor almost coughed up blood. If they weren’t in dire straits, he might well have put this old servant to death.

“Your Majesty, please have faith in your old servant’s loyalty. If Your Majesty fears for the people, then pick the first choice. If your Majesty itches for a fight, then pick the second. If survival is the most pressing issue, then pick the third. If your Majesty wants to show his unyielding character, then a fight to the bitter end is the only path left.” 

Old Guo knocked his forehead repeatedly on the floor, crying in sorrow. “I’ve served Your Majesty for many years now. These old bones fear no death, but I beg your Majesty to heed my advice. The way Jiang Chen handled the Eternal Celestial Capital is enough to show what kind of man he is. Your Majesty would be sorely misguided to think he’d drop this matter. It’s only a matter of sooner or later.”

The emperor knew that Old Guo was loyal and honest, unlike flatterers who only said...

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