Chapter 1315: Fear of Not Surviving a Single Day

“Emperor Coiling Dragon.” Jiang Chen looked at his old acquaintance with an easygoing smile. He hadn’t wanted to mobilize any of the great emperors of the capital, but Emperor Coiling Dragon was insistent on repaying the life-saving favor he owed.

The other great emperors also expressed their willingness to participate, but Jiang Chen politely declined them all. A single Great Scarlet Mid Region was nothing to worry about. It was hardly something that deserved so much attention, at any rate.

“Shall I lead the vanguard, young lord Jiang?” Emperor Coiling Dragon was ready for a fight.

“Haha, I only have one task for you. Can you lead eight vassals in surrounding Great Scarlet Mid Region? No one is to enter or leave.”

“That’s a piece of cake. What’s hard about that?” Emperor Coiling Dragon was a bit disappointed. “Actually, I wanted to take down the Great Scarlet capital.”

“I’m going there myself,” Jiang Chen smiled. “Emperor Peerless, take a group of men to back Emperor Coiling Dragon up. In fact, please reinforce any team that needs it. That’s a bit of a tougher job than the rest, I know.”

“Oh, no, no trouble at all,” Mo Wushuang laughe...

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