Chapter 1314: Pointing Swords At One’s Homeland

The most valuable part in all of this was the Pinecrane Pill offered as payment. Emperor Clearsky was sorely tempted by the offer. He knew full well what a single pill was worth in the world. Because such pills couldn’t be mass produced, Jiang Chen didn’t have any on hand, a perfect illustration of how scarce the pill was.

The two of them discussed a few more details before descending the mountain.

Returning to the sect proper, Emperor Clearsky arranged for Jiang Chen and the four great emperors to stay at his personal residence. The honor he was according to Veluriyam’s retinue was unrivaled.

Everyone from the Ninesuns Sky Sect marveled at the attention their sectmaster was heaping upon young lord Jiang. They weren’t optimistic about Esteemed Elder Chen Lei and Wu Gong’s chances.

According to Emperor Clearsky, refining the flying swords required anywhere between a week to a fortnight. Jiang Chen demanded that the sectmaster be present in the entire process.

The great emperor had a mind to refuse, but the young man was quite persistent. Emperor Clearsky couldn’t do much more than acquiesce in the end. Besides, refining items wasn’t an art that could...

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