Chapter 1313: A Transaction

Emperor Clearsky is a highly competent leader. This was Jiang Chen’s initial assessment. He naturally kept the thought to himself and remained unperturbed on the surface. His merry smile made him almost harmless.

“Young lord, Shangguan Yanqing has been singing your praises ever since he returned from Veluriyam Capital. Now that we’ve finally met, I can safely say that the rumors from the jianghu aren’t exaggerated in the least. Please, come in and wash off the dust from your travels!”  Emperor Clearsky was incredibly outspoken and forthright.

“I appreciate the sentiments, Sectmaster Clearsky, but I’ve travelled all the way here to discuss something important. Why don’t we find a better place to discuss business instead?” Jiang Chen cut right through all of the civilities. 

Emperor Clearsky was taken aback. He’d received many eminent figures from the Upper Eight Regions before and almost all of them were highly particular about welcoming ceremonies. He never would’ve thought that the young lord of Veluriyam...

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