Chapter 1312: Obstruction In Front of the Mountain Gates

As soon as someone took a stand against the two esteemed elders, many started following suit.

“I think Daoist Shangguan’s words are sensible. Inspectors who frequent the outside have a better understanding of the world at large than the rest of us. Young lord Zhen’s exalted fame reached all the way to our dwellings, so there’s no doubt he’s a dragon amongst men. We can’t challenge someone of his ilk.”

“Indeed, I feel like Lord Zhen is a once in a generation figure destined to leave his imprint in human history. Are you saying we should volunteer to be stepping stones for his irresistible rise? Sheer idiocy!”

“It’d be unwise to become mortal enemies over our currently insignificant grudge.”

“Sectmaster, rather than fighting an uphill battle, we should seize the occasion to mend our ties with Veluriyam Capital and earn some benefits!”

Shangguan Yanqing’s persuasive words along with Emperor Clearsky’s attitude convinced many among the upper...

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