Chapter 1311: Continuous Argument

Shangguan Yanqing roared with laughter. “Everyone knows how easy name-calling is. If the sectmaster wishes me to die, I will go to my death without so much as a frown. However, you are completely mistaken if you think that killing me will give the sect a brighter future.

“My friends, I’m sure everyone knows the true identity of Veluriyam Capital’s young lord Zhen by now. Back when he was still in Myriad Domain, he crushed our plans for the sixteen kingdom alliance. He escaped notice simply because the issue was minor at best. When the Eternal Celestial Capital succeeded in their conspiracy to invade Myriad Domain, we were a bit slow on the uptake and therefore didn’t benefit nearly as much. Everyone thought that we lost out on a great deal, but in fact, we should be thankful for that stroke of fortune. Otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?” Esteemed Chen Lei sneered.

“Elder Chen Lei,” Shangguan Yanqing remarked coolly, “yYu shouldn’t use such a judgmental tone. Your loss and our decision here are separate matters. We will see the Eternal Celestial Capital’s...

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