Chapter 1310: The Ninesuns Sky Sect

“Young lord, are you really headed to the Ninesuns Sky Sect?” Xue Tong was worried despite himself when he heard Jiang Chen wanted to pay a visit.

As Xue Tong recalled, the Ninesuns Sky Sect was a very vicious sect that held a grudge against the young lord. Back in the Precious Tree Sect, the Ninesuns Sky Sect’s inspector had clashed with them because his sect backed the Purple Sun Sect. And after that, the young lord had even killed Ninesuns’ disciples.

“Xue Tong, you’re my little brother so you don’t need to call me young lord. I’m going to the Ninesuns Sky Sect together with four great emperors, what’s there to worry about? Ah, there will be many things in the young lord residence for you to handle in my absence. Make sure you consult with the various seniors, especially Madame Yun and the four monarchs. Alright?”

Xue Tong bowed. “Don’t worry, Brother Chen. I’ll take care of things here well.”

“Chen’er, are you going on another journey?” In the residence’s rear courtyard, Jiang Feng was also deeply worried when he heard his son was about to make another long trip.

“Father, be at ease cultivating inside the residence whilst I’m away....

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