Chapter 131: Rampant Disciples of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace

Chapter 131: Rampant Disciples of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace

Tang Long was actually also a bit hesitant. If it wasn’t for the fact that the border missions lately had been quite important, hence resulting in a sheer lack of time to make a trip back home, he absolutely wouldn’t have asked a group of strangers to courier some items for him.

However, his family was urgently waiting to use these items. If the most apt timing was missed, it’d be quite a regretful affair.

Tang Long had been debating over the past couple of days whether or not to make a trip home and suffer the punishment for doing so. But he knew that if he snuck home without receiving approval, it would count as leave without notice. The lightest punishment he would face would be a loss of this honorable position, and the heaviest was the death penalty!

Tang Long wasn’t afraid of death for his family, but he knew that if his family didn’t have him and his job, they wouldn’t be able to continue surviving at all.

Tang Long was the pillar of the family. If he fell, his family would be done for.

Thus, Tang Long had kept a firm grip on his impulse to abandon his station and go home these days. He’d thought of asking others to take the items back for him, but as a border Wyvern Knight, his status was low and he hadn’t netted any profits in the ten or so li of...

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