Chapter 1309: A Sincere Announcement

All the great emperors of Veluriyam Capital were gathered within the young lord residence. Jiang Chen had prepared a banquet and invited them in secret. They were surprised to hear that the young lord had opened his doors once more, but even more so at the secrecy he was employing. They glanced at each other inquisitively once seated, curious as to each other’s thoughts. 

“Young lord Zhen has arrived!”

As they sat in mild wonder, Jiang Chen entered from the front door with Emperor Peerless and the Jiao brothers.

“Haha, I do apologize for any inconvenience in calling all of you here.” Jiang Chen politely saluted with cupped fist. The seated emperors stood to return the gesture.

“Please, take your seats.” He ushered his guests into their seats. Everyone was smiling; the atmosphere was very pleasant.

The young lord raised his glass in a toast to the room as the banquet began. “My friends, after the battle at the Vassal Meeting, Veluriyam Capital is finally enjoying a moment of stability. I am blessed that all of you think highly enough of me to elevate...

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