Chapter 1308: Enormous Gains

Jiang Chen wasn’t particularly surprised by Wei Lang and Luo Tianshu’s reaction. Even a first rank sect from the Upper Eight Regions would salivate at the items he was offering, let alone a second rank sect from the mid regions.

“Young lord Zhen, are these pills really ours after the trade?” Wei Lang was still in the throes of disbelief.

“Naturally. They’re all yours.” Jiang Chen smiled.

Wei Lang slapped his thigh. “Excellent! The young lord is just as generous as the rumors! I’m completely and utterly convinced by your greatness!”

When Jiang Chen said that he no longer had much demand for the True Heavensfall Iron, Wei Lang had been worried that the young lord would slash the price mercilessly. To think that he was still able to get such a great payout from of the deal!

“Young lord, can the Emperor Ascension Pill be taken directly or do we have to adhere to certain taboos and rules?” Luo Tianshu asked excitedly.

“No need. After entering closed cultivation, you need only adjust your body to its best state. It’s best taken when you’re at the advanced stage so you may transcend to the next level...

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