Chapter 1307: Jiang Chen Pushes the Price Down

Luo Tianshu felt the carpet pulled out from beneath his feet and that he was free falling down an endless abyss. How could this be? For the past half year, the young lord’s promised Pinecrane Pill had been at the foremost of his mind. Fifty kilograms of True Heavensfall Iron was good for one Pinecrane Pill — well, they had two hundred kilograms worth! That represented four Pinecrane Pills!

Luo Tianshu felt his blood froth whenever he thought about this. When he took the news back to his sectmaster, Wei Lang had been so surprised that he hardly knew how to react. Once he finally got over his agitation, he decided to pay a personal visit with the material.

But the sad pity was that this round trip ended up costing them half a year. They were a step too slow, young lord Zhen no longer needed it. Both Nirana Sect representatives looked downcast, finding it difficult to hide the disappointment in their eyes.

“Young lord Zhen, my specimen is really quite different....

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