Chapter 1306: Setup and Visitors

The young disciples of Regal Pill Palace had shot to their feet with excitement.

“Senior brother Jiang Chen, when shall we make our move?”

The martial world was full of hot-blooded people. Nobody was willing to suffer slaps to the face and be derided a loser.  Who wouldn’t want revenge after suffering such a tremendous loss? Who wouldn’t want to wash their prior shame away and watch enemies weep beneath their feet?

“Senior brother, have you set an auspicious day to begin?” Ling Hui’er asked excitedly with a cupped fist salute.

“Everyone, stay calm and stop trying to rush your senior brother! I have no doubt that he already has a plan.” Palace Head Dan Chi pressed his hands downwards to calm the crowd down. 

“Palace Head, Elder Yun Nie, Great Scarlet Mid Region has the Eternal Celestial Capital’s backing. We must take on the latter as well if we wish to seek revenge on the former.”

“Indeed.” Palace Head Dan Chi nodded. “The Eternal Celestial Capital is the true perpetrator behind all of this. However, Great Scarlet...

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