Chapter 1305: Discussion of Rebuilding the Regal Pill Palace

The news about Jiang Chen concluding his closed door cultivation didn’t spread. The young lord had many things to prepare for and found it imprudent to do so for the moment.


Palace Head Dan Chi, Elder Yun Nie, Mu Gaoqi, Ling Hui’er, Shen Trifire… and more from Regal Pill Palace were congregated within a hall in the young lord residence.

Seated at the head position, Jiang Chen scanned the room. “My friends, we’re fortunate to gather here after the destruction of our sect and Myriad Domain. I only have two questions for all of you today: Does hot blood still beat through your hearts? Do you remember the sights of our homeland?”

His words moved the emotions of all present.

“Brother Chen, you…” Mu Gaoqi was so happy he could barely contain himself. “Are you planning to take back Myriad Domain?”

Jiang Chen nodded coolly. “Veluriyam Capital sits at the core of the Upper Eight Regions. I was slightly concerned that you had forgotten our shared past. The reason I’ve gathered everyone here today is to see whether you still possess the steely resolve needed to rebuild our sect.”

Palace Head Dan Chi stood up suddenly....

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