Chapter 1304: Peak Second Level Emperor Realm!

“Is the young lord still in closed door cultivation?”


“Ah, it’s been half a year. He’s had many visitors since then.”

“What can we do? The young lord closed his doors when the Dragon and Tiger Meet ended. Can we subordinates change his decision?” The two conversing parties were Emperor Peerless and the Jiao brothers.

When the Dragon and Tiger Meet first concluded, Jiang Chen had declared that he would cultivate behind closed doors for a time. At first, the others at Sacred Peafowl Mountain thought it would only be several days. Then, they thought it would be a month or two.

But it’d been half a year without any news whatsoever.

“Old Brother Mo, we brothers are new here. The young lord, is he…” Jiao Yun wanted to know more. He too felt the strangeness in the young lord’s behavior.

Mo Wushuang sighed softly. “I haven’t been here much longer than you two. However, I think that Miss Huang’er’s departure is a key factor in why the young lord has closed his doors.”

“I didn’t think that Miss Huang’er would be a lady from Myriad Abyss Island. Our young lord is truly incredible, hooking up with someone like that.” Mentioning...

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