Chapter 1303: Ties of Fate

Jiang Chen couldn't do it. He would never ask help from a person that had just made an attempt on his life. Moreover, the old fool was simply too overweening. His deep-rooted contempt for the human domain was obvious. Jiang Chen would never seek help from such a conceited and obnoxious person.

“Brother Chen, trust me just this once. Alright?” Jiang Chen’s anger evaporated into thin air when he met Huang’er’s sincere gaze.

“Huang’er…” Jiang Chen didn’t have the strength to refuse.

“Jiang Chen… just this once. Let me handle everything.”

Jiang Chen could only sigh gently, for he had no words to say. His mind was all over the place. The sincerity behind Huang’er’s pleading left him speechless.

Huang’er knew that her lover's silence was an indication that he'd come to an understanding.

“Elder Xi, I promise to fulfill our deal if you cooperate. However, if you insist on doing things your way, I’d sooner die than carry out my promise, even if it means the downfall of the...

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