Chapter 1302: Are You Worthy of Representing the Heavenly Law?

Huang’er was silent. She knew that Elder Xi wasn’t voicing empty words. If anyone else from her family came, they might really make a move against Jiang Chen. If someone from the Xiahou clan was here, they would certainly slaughter all of Veluriyam Capital! The city wouldn’t be able to resist at all if House Xiahou made a move. Even a monstrous genius like Brother Chen might not make it out alive from the assault.

Having grown up in Myriad Abyss Island, she knew that the island was so much stronger than the human domain. House Xiahou in particular was an undeniably vicious clan. Why else would they have put this curse on her otherwise and make her the cultivation cauldron of their family?

Elder Xi seemed to have an innate disdain for those of the human domain. He flicked a mocking look at Jiang Chen. “Young man, if you’re smart enough, you should recognize the situation you’re in and come to your senses. You should at least loosen the dirty hand you have around Miss Huang’er.

“No need to glare at me. Your fury in my eyes is...

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