Chapter 1301: An Unwelcome Guest

“Huang’er, what’s making you so sad? You and I have weathered life and death. No one can tear us apart in this life. Now that your Generation Binding Curse is undone, I can handle whatever comes, even if the skies cave in…” Jiang Chen stretched out a hand and clumsily wiped away the tears at the girl’s eyes.

Warmth suffused Huang’er’s heart when she took note of Jiang Chen’s ungainly motions. She valiantly got her emotions back under control and smiled. “Brother Chen, I just thought of the tragic parts of my background, is all, and couldn’t help myself all of a sudden. Don’t think less of me!”

Jiang Chen’s mood took a turn for the better when he saw the girl smile. He cupped her cheeks and planted a moving kiss on her forehead.

“Don’t you worry. The skies can’t really cave in, but even if they do, I’ll be right there to hold them up for you. This isn’t an empty bluff, but a promise from me to you.” Jiang Chen grasped Huang’er’s hands and looked deep...

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