Chapter 1300: Huang’er’s Worries?

The sect representatives implicitly understood Jiang Chen’s deliberate bias. In particular, the Empyrean River Palace didn’t receive a single chance to ask questions.

Sublime Chord Temple’s Master Dong Ye was equally out of luck. However, the Buddhist master didn’t look particularly interested in the opportunity in the first place. Instead, he tossed an occasional, inspecting look at Jiang Chen, as if he beheld a monster.

The three days’ worth of pill dao lectures incorporated a great deal of pill dao wisdom. In this way, Jiang Chen was able to both maintain interest and broaden his audience’s horizons.

Both the wandering cultivators and the faction delegates reaped substantial benefit. The pill dao prowess that Jiang Chen exhibited during the question and answer segment was especially impressive. It was difficult to deny that the young lord’s pill dao knowledge was almost encyclopedic.

After the pill dao lectures were concluded, it was time for one of the weightiest segments. It was one that carried a lot of anticipation and expectation behind it. A senior from Myriad Abyss Island was going to answer martial dao questions!

“I’m sure...

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