Chapter 130: A Generous Jiang Chen

Chapter 130: A Generous Jiang Chen

One had to say, when a woman became stubbornly willful, even the strength of ten oxen wouldn’t be able to get her to change her mind.

This was even more so for someone with as resolute a heart as Princess Gouyu. She had utterly freed herself from the identity of a princess the moment that she’d fully understood her own thoughts, and voluntarily adopted the identity as Jiang Chen’s follower.

She was unwavering in her intent no matter what Jiang Chen said.

“Say no more Jiang Chen. Even if you hit me, yell at me, or drive me out, I would still be thick skinned and hard to shake off.” Gouyu had actually started pulling out these underhanded moves.

“Alright, you win.” Jiang Chen understood Gouyu very well. Once this woman went nuts, she would be like a wild horse that’d slipped its harness. No matter whether you yelled at her or drove her away, all of it would prove to be useless.

The only thing to be done was to let her behave as she would.

Three days later, Jiang Chen’s entourage officially set off. Jiang Chen’s eight personal guards numbered amongst his followers, but he didn’t take the four Sheng battalion brothers with him and sent them back to the Tiandu army instead.

After many experiences and much training, the four Sheng battalion brothers all successfully made it into the senior ranks...

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