Chapter 1299: Forceful Expulsion

Long Baxiang’s malice deserved capital punishment. He’d intentionally shamed Emperor Peerless both to strike at Sacred Peafowl Mountain and to evoke the wandering cultivators’ hostility. His words were full of malicious undertones and incitement. 

See, a giant of the wandering cultivator world has become young lord Zhen’s dog! This is a heinous offense against your entire class. And yet, you’re still giving him this much support?! You’ve been completely fooled!

Emperor Peerless’s expression darkened. He was a man capable of keeping his cool and he knew Long Baxiang’s motives quite well. If he were to lash out now, the young lord’s plans would be irrevocably damaged.

Frowning, Jiang Chen stepped forward in front of Emperor Peerless. He glared at Long Baxiang coldly. “This is the third time you’ve offended Sacred Peafowl Mountain, Long. I respected you as our guest the previous two times. But this time, you’re taking a mile after receiving an inch. I do not tolerate the debasement of one of Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s venerated elders!

“Jiao Yun, Jiao Feng. Throw our our unwelcome guest. If he doesn’t leave within the time limit,...

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