Chapter 1298: Incredibly Strong Pill Dao

The segment for questions had been hotly anticipated by not only wandering cultivators, but also the heavyweights sitting in the guest section. Although some of them were irked by Jiang Chen self-styling himself as foremost in pill dao, feeling that the young man was simply too cocky, they couldn’t find any proper words to refute him with.

The Pinecrane Pill and Emperor Supremacy Pill were enough to cement his position in the pill dao world, to say nothing of anything else. Besides, he welcomed any and all challengers. This was a proclamation that almost none of the pill dao heavyweights, whether currently active or retired, had ever dared issue.

That kind of overweening tone made for a lofty announcement, but at a high cost. If someone really did take one up on the offer and defeated the issuer, then the issuer would’ve lost all face and reputation.

Therefore, young lord Zhen’s actions came off as a newborn...

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