Chapter 1297: Dan’er’s Decision

Plumscore Retreat was snowy year-round. Plum blossoms bloomed around the ingress, a sea of trees stretching into the distance. Many spirit fowl and cranes soared overhead.

A white bolt of lightning descended from the skies, revealing a majestic snow hawk. Upon the bird was a little girl with bright eyes and brilliant teeth. She was dressed in a light-blue robe, her eyes as pure as a mountain spring. Her rosy cheeks and exquisite features evoked adoration in anyone who saw her. The girl was about ten years old and hadn’t fully developed yet. Her slender legs however, was clue enough that the girl would be indescribably beautiful once she had grown up. 

“Wonderful, Big White. You’re getting faster and faster!” Her voice was soft and crisp, as pleasant as a canary’s.

Further into the sea of plum blossom trees, Miss Dan’er stood behind an old tree, looking at the hawk-riding girl from afar. Her eyes reddened as she did so, her emotions having gotten the better of her. She began to weep softly, clapping a hand over her...

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