Chapter 1296: Dan’er Emerges From Closed Door Cultivation

“Old Brother Mo, you’re thinking from the perspective of wealth. To be frank, I’m not considering the personal fortunes of the wandering cultivator world, but the manpower within. It may look like I’ve spent a bit of personal wealth today, but the uproar caused by the events of the past few days will certainly travel to all corners of the human domain in the months to come. Think about it for a moment. When more and more people build your reputation for you, what need is there to be concerned with Pillfire City then?”

Jiang Chen had indeed given up a great deal of money today since he’d given more than a fair price for the treasures that hadn’t been auctioned, and taken not a single stone from the auction. He’d expended more than 1.5 billion spirit stones today.

But honestly, he didn’t lack for these spirit stones at all. If he wanted to earn money, he had at least a dozen ways to easily earn all of these spirit stones back.

After the auction, Jiang Chen had plenty of spirit stones again after...

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