Chapter 1295: The Auction Comes To An End

Master Dong Ye remained unperturbed. There wasn’t even a hint of frustration on his face.

“1.61 billion going once, twice, thrice... and sold!” Jiang Chen flicked a glance at Master Dong Ye and smiled. “Congratulations! The Pinecrane Pill is yours. I’ve engraved my personal seal onto the pill, so do take good care of it. Remember to break the seal before taking the pill. I’m not liable for any damage incurred after the seal is broken.”

The young lord was extremely wary of the monk. The bald donkey seemed loyal and kind on the surface, but harbored all kinds of malice within. If it wasn’t for him, the fake wandering cultivator from before wouldn’t have been able to stir up such a large ruckus.

Jiang Chen had no choice but to take some precautions when selling the Pinecrane Pill to him. It was better to be safe than sorry as there was no guarantee that the monk wouldn’t stir up trouble in the future.

“Young lord Zhen, I’m already...

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