Chapter 1294: An Astronomical Price

Just as Jiang Chen expected, the battle for the Seven Star Convergence Talisman was exceedingly fierce. Surprisingly, the elder from Empyrean River Palace was the one to win out in the end. A stupendously wild result, to be sure.

The elder was the lowest ranked of all the first rank representatives present today. He persisted in the end against so many of his betters and spent the exorbitant sum of six hundred million to wrest the talisman from the auction.

“They’re all fabulously rich without question.” Jiang Chen sighed. First rank sects controlled entire upper regions, after all. It was obvious they would accumulate a king’s ransom in the process.

A fourth rank sect like Regal Pill Palace wouldn’t come close to being worth six hundred million even if every member’s wealth was added together. It was a perfect illustration of the gap between rich and poor. Of course, Jiang Chen was all but numb by now with regards to these fellows’ purchasing powers.

“The third supreme rank treasure…”


“The fourth supreme rank treasure…”

The auction went on, and the third and fourth supreme rank treasures...

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