Chapter 1293: Fighting Over Supreme Treasures

The battle over the Thundernote Fruit was especially fierce. The entrance of Emperor Petalpluck’s faction into the fray only intensified the conflict.

The wandering cultivators who’d had their treasures eliminated yesterday were thoroughly convinced by now. As young lord Zhen had said, there was an undeniable gap between the treasures chosen for auction and their own. To put the latter with the former would be out of place. Every item on sale today was far more excellent than theirs could ever be.

The Thundernote Fruit was the twelfth item, the last of the standard treasures. The remaining four were amazing enough to be classified as supreme rank, which meant their values far outpaced the Fruit’s.

Because of this, many slowly backed off from the fight for the Fruit as the price rose steadily.

Over by the wandering cultivators, Emperor Reliance sighed prettily. “These people are rich beyond words. Old Brother Hui, it seems that we wandering cultivator heavyweights can’t compare at all to those sect-affiliated guys.”

Emperor Wellspring was in the upper half of the six wandering cultivator titans....

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