Chapter 1292: Display of Rare Goods

Such thoughts dissipated as quickly as they emerged. Many immediately scrambled for the item. Good treasures were desirable everywhere. Even the representatives of first rank sects participated in the scramble. The powerful experts didn’t have any use for the treasure themselves, but disciples were aplenty in first rank sects.

The crowd roared to action, everyone trying to one up each other.

Jiang Chen was witnessing first hand the incredible wealth of the leading great sect figures. The 60 million starting price quickly rose to over 100 million. He didn’t even have to fan the flames. The price soared through hype and momentum alone.

Utilizing his immense wealth, Shangguan Yianqing won the glove for 120 million in the end.

“Congratulations friend, the glove is now yours.” The bidding had gone on for fifteen minutes. It had been incredibly fast paced with plenty of back and forths. 

“Alright, the second item is an anti-poison sachet. It’s extremely old and believed to hail from the ancient ages....

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