Chapter 1290: Realizing One’s Rich

The wandering cultivators couldn’t help but agree with Emperor Peerless. His words had a lot of merit. If a treasure didn’t distinguish itself in an auction and was let go without any bids, its value would be diminished. For the owner, that would be thoroughly counterproductive.

“We know you have a track record of fairness, young lord Zhen. It’s rare for someone to be so considerate of wandering cultivators like you. We would like to humbly ask for any ideas you might have.”

“That’s right. Anywhere else would try to undervalue our assets. There’s no one fair beneath the sun. Young lord Zhen, you’re the only one we trust. Why not buy everything off our hands?”

These words won a sympathetic response from the rest.

“We can’t trust anyone else, young lord Zhen. We will only sell these treasures to you. It’s fine if we lose out a bit for your benefit!”

“Exactly. As long as the deals aren’t too unfavorable, we’ll take whatever you can give.”

“You guys are fools. When has young lord Zhen given a wandering cultivator an unfavorable deal?”

These wandering...

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