Chapter 129: Gouyu’s Astounding Decision

Chapter 129: Gouyu’s Astounding Decision

In the battle of Bayun Valley, two thirds of the Darkmoon Kingdom’s army were either injured or dead, and commander-in-chief Ren Feilong had been shot and killed in front of the formation by Jiang Chen.

The Darkmoon Kingdom’s vitality was greatly injured and the kingdom’s strength greatly decreased after this battle.

The Bayun Valley became an unlucky place for the Darkmoon Kingdom, with its citizens forever prohibited from entering.

As for the Eastern Kingdom, it had made a clean sweep, and all practitioners who had participated in this battle received the title of Brave Dragonslayer.

The battle was destined to go down in the annals of history, but it would be retold with two completely different moods in their respective histories.

When they learned of Darkmoon’s defeat in battle, the Eastern Kingdom had felt a bit baffled instead. One had to know that on the Eastern Kingdom’s side, various dukes had all gathered together and the great army had assembled, but no battle had been fought. They hadn’t even seen the enemy before the war was over, with even the enemy’s commander-in-chief Ren Feilong being shot and killed.

This battle caused Jiang Chen’s reputation to spread throughout the surroundings kingdoms. His name finally entered...

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