Chapter 1289: Controversy Over the Auction List

Mo Wushuang was awestruck; he couldn’t speak for the longest time. The young man before him had time and again overturned everything he knew. He was blown out of his element.

“You’re going to turn the world upside down, young lord Zhen.” Emperor Peerless sighed after a long while. “The Emperor Supremacy Pill, the Emperor Ascension Pill, the Pinecrane Pill… any one of these appearing in the world would consume the entire human domain. But you…”

Jiang Chen smiled slightly. “Old Brother Mo, the Divine Abyss Continent is a big place. The heritage of the ancients is an amazing thing. Why should we be limited to what’s feasible in the human domain? If a martial cultivator can’t even see beyond the boundaries of the human domain, what else is there left for him?”

Any normal youth professing such boastful words would be summarily dismissed by the emperor. However, a declaration from Veluriyam’s young lord was nothing short from thought provoking.

He was right. Why should one’s scope be limited to the human domain? The Divine Abyss Continent was tremendously large. The human domain was just a small corner...

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