Chapter 1288: A Lavish Affair

The visual impact of the twenty-six Eight Treasure Cordyceps was quite intense. The herb wasn’t as rare as the Heavencloud Ganoderma, but it was almost impossible to find so many in one place.

Just like the Radiant Celestial Grass that Liu Zhen had produced a while back, the sheer volume of the herb awed Jiang Chen. In some respects, the Eight Treasure Cordyceps was more valuable than the Radiant Celestial Grass, not to mention harder to cultivate. 

The Radiant Celestial Grass was only a plant. In ancient times, a fair number knew how to cultivate it. However, the Eight Treasure Cordyceps required eight different types of parasitic bugs in order to flourish. It was extremely difficult to cultivate as a result, and as rare as sky rank herbs.

Strangely, it seemed like Divine Abyss Continent hadn’t discovered the best use for these spirit herbs yet. Its spirit herb classification ranked the Cordyceps as quasi-sky rank, rather than sky rank outright.

For Jiang Chen, the sight of twenty-six Cordyceps arrayed together was almost stupefying.

“This is great. All of these are real, quality Cordyceps specimens. You’ve struck...

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