Chapter 1287: Avoiding the Death Penalty But Still Suffering Punishment

That man slammed into the ground at an alarming speed. Despite having a respectable cultivation, the impact was so strong that the wind was knocked out of him, almost joined by the contents of his stomach. He wanted to crawl away, but Emperor Wellspring was quick to respond.

With a swipe of the great emperor’s sleeves, a flash of light flew across the man’s face. As though drawn across by a sharp knife, the outer layer of the man’s face peeled away, revealing his true identity. 

The crowd’s gaze fell upon his face. The man quickly covered his face with his hands, worried that someone might recognize him.

Emperor Wellspring picked him up. “Look closely everyone. Does anyone recognize him? Is there really such a person in our community?”

The man was ashen with fear when he was rendered immobile.

“No we don’t!”

“It’s obvious he isn’t one of us just judging by his presence!”

“Young lord Zhen, that man isn’t a wandering cultivator!”

“Even if he was, he’d be the scum of our world for disrupting...

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