Chapter 1286: Jiang Chen’s Wondrous Abilities

Jiang Chen’s eyes were calm and forthright. The confidence he exuded made him that much more convincing. Meanwhile, his counterparty was sweating buckets. The latter’s eyes darted around, as if looking for an escape.  

But the young lord didn’t even bother looking at him. He raised a cupped fist salute to the countless wandering cultivators below. “Dear wandering friends, you’ve traveled far and wide to attend our event for various reasons. As the host, I’m committed to giving you the best possible experience, but sometimes petty thugs can’t help but want to ruin this for us.

“My conscience is clear. I determined from the very beginning that the Heavencloud Ganoderma is merely one thousand years old and didn’t threaten or coerce anyone into selling it. May the heavens smite me if I lie!

“This man has repeatedly accused me of depressing prices and pressuring him into selling. If he dares to swear a vow to the heavens and profess his innocence, I’ll distribute all of my wealth to everyone...

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