Chapter 1285: The Debate of the Heavencloud Ganoderma

Jiang Chen was at his calmest now. The three wandering great emperors’ promises greatly relieved him. The stranger’s attempt to speak on behalf of all wandering cultivators was done for. Given that the three titans of the sphere had spoken, the man would need to consider his next moves carefully.

The young lord glanced at the strange troublemaker with a cool smile. “Take out your supposedly six thousand years old Heavencloud Ganoderma. Isn’t it easier for you to stoke the flames with so many more seniors around?”

The wandering cultivator’s heart pounded. What had seemed to be a flawless encirclement now had a slight crack. A tinge of fear entered his mind. However, he couldn’t do much else aside from continuing forward. Taking the spirit herb out, he proclaimed loudly, “You don’t scare me, young lord Zhen. Now that more seniors are here, there’s no way you can hoodwink all of us!”

He adopted a strained tone with malicious intent, fully bent on depicting Jiang Chen as an oppressive villain.

“Come, seniors and friends, one and all. How can my Heavencloud Ganoderma only be a thousand...

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