Chapter 1284: The Matter Blows Up

Master Dong Ye’s roar attracted gazes from all direction. The wandering cultivator took advantage of this to shout, “What a nice scheme you’re hatching here, young lord Zhen! You built an open and fair image for yourself with yesterday’s treasure identification segment, but you actually trying to keep prices low in private! Is this your so-called open fairness?? I say this Dragon and Tiger Meet is just a conspiracy for you to use your public office for private gain!”

The Jiao brothers were highly put out with these words. “You’re just here to cause trouble, aren’t you??”

The wandering cultivator didn’t wilt in the face of aggression. “You’re putting on some strong airs, Jiao brothers of Mt. Huai. What, do you use fists to do the talking when you’re in the wrong, young lord Zhen? You might be able to threaten me, but can you threaten the millions of wandering cultivators in the world?” He struck a lofty, defiant pose.

The looks focused on them started filling with suspicion and doubt.

Jiang Chen waved a hand to have the Jiao brothers stop. Various Veluriyam great emperors flew over...

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