Chapter 1283: Controversy Rises Again

Jiang Chen’s gaze shifted from the wandering cultivator to the spirit herb lying in the jade box. The presence projected from this specimen was noticeably superior to the aura from the previous Heavencloud Ganoderma. Radiant light morphed around on it. It brimmed with energy, exuding a refreshing air that seemed to bestow a few more years of life by itself.

“Do you mind if I pick it up for a look?” Jiang Chen looked at the other again.

“But of course.” The wandering cultivator was quite generous.

The young lord lifted the spirit herb without further ado and scrutinized it closely. With his eye for appraisal, it wasn’t difficult to evaluate a mere stalk of spirit herb. 

However, this specimen gave him an inexplicable feeling when in hand.

It was a Heavencloud Ganoderma without question, but there was something a bit off about it. The concentration of its energies indicated an age of six thousand years, but its appearance and various details made Jiang Chen feel that it was no more than a thousand.

This was extremely baffling, but a notion quickly...

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