Chapter 1282: True Heavensfall Iron?

Swordfield Region was one of the largest mid region factions. They were slightly stronger than even Great Scarlet Mid Region. Back when Jiang Chen left Myriad Domain, setting foot for Veluriyam Capital, he’d ventured through Tai-ah City in Swordfield Region. His trip to the city had left him with many awful memories.

The Eternal Celestial Capital had attempted to trap Jiang Chen by spreading rumors that they were holding Palace Head Dan Chi in the city. Jiang Chen had seen through their ruse, but had ventured to the city anyways.

Tai-ah City had been in leagues with Eternal Celestial Capital and assisted them fully with their evil deeds. It was unlikely that Jiang Chen would’ve made it out alive if he hadn’t been so resourceful. He countered their ruse with trickery and counter-lured them to a valley called Infant Shriek, taking them all out in one fell swoop with the local Divine Befuddlement Miasma.  

The Swordfield Region and Tai-ah City had left Jiang Chen with a deep...

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