Chapter 1281: Young Lord Zhen’s Acquisition List

Jiang Chen wasn’t worried. He strongly believed that at least a few wandering cultivators would possess something desirable. They were probably just observing from the sidelines and were in no rush to take out their treasures. Wandering cultivators were often very distrustful. If they had any doubts, they’d much rather observe than take any action.

“Jiao Yun, spread the word that I’m buying a few items, the more of them the better. Price is negotiable as long as they can procure the goods.” Jiang Chen handed a few scrolls over. “These are the list of items I require. Go ahead and announce them.”

Jiao Yun accepted the decree and headed outside with the scrolls.

“Everyone, please hold your chatter for a minute! Young lord Zhen needs to purchase a few things! Friends who possess them are welcome to have a face-to-face transaction with the young lord! The young lord is willing to buy however many that you have! The price is guaranteed to be satisfactory!”

Even the distinguished leaders of the cultivation world...

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