Chapter 1280: Opening of the Trading Fair

“This absolutely is a blessing of enormous proportions. Mayhap the disaster that befell us was just a minor obstacle on our path to great glory. In the end, the sect is to reach end new heights with the palace head at the helm.”

Elder Yun Nie was someone who placed a lot of stock in the notion of fortune. He had experienced many things in the past couple of years and comprehended many theories.  When it came to fortune, young lord Zhen was clearly a person with a great destiny in front of him. Everything he did was full of surprises. He could turn even the most dismal situations into something advantageous and procure victories.

However, the most important factor was that the young lord clearly supported Palace Head Dan Chi. The young lord wasn’t going to use the opportunity of rebuilding the sect to seize the leadership. He was going to follow protocol to the letter and return authority to the palace head.

Jiang Chen had been in charge the rebuilding process up to this point and had delegated responsibilities to Elder Yun Nie. His attitude changed with the appearance of Dan Chi. It was a wonderful development...

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