Chapter 128: Killing the First General

Chapter 128: Killing the First General

“Commander-in-chief, something’s gone terribly wrong. The army is in complete chaos. The injured soldiers are all leaping on each other and biting their own comrades. Those who were bitten went on to bite others after a short time as well. One passed it onto ten others, ten passed it onto a hundred others. Even if we were to kill them now, we wouldn’t be able to get rid of them all. The soldier’s hearts are all jittery, and they can’t find it within themselves to kill their comrades.”

In the beginning, within the commander-in-chief’s tent, Ren Feilong had thought that it was merely some small scuffles and fights. He actually hadn’t wavered in the slightest when the battlecries shook the sky just now.

He knew very well that these Swordbird riders were just here for harassment, and would never dare to cross swords with the bulk of their power here. The Eastern Kingdom didn’t possess such fighting capabilities, and this truly wasn’t a place that was suited to be a battlefield either.

However, Ren Feilong’s confidence this time had been that of overconfidence.

“Commander-in-chief, we really can’t keep things under control anymore. The great army has already fallen into disarray. We need to stem the chaos or the great army will completely collapse.”


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