Chapter 1279: Those of the Regal Pill Palace Gather Again

Come to think of it, his road to here had been filled with adversity, hardship, and near-death experiences. But the clouds had dispersed and the sky was clear once more. Palace Head Dan Chi didn’t know what to think. Happiness had arrived far too quickly and completely. His bottled-up feelings were finally able to be fully released into the world.

Elder Yun Nie was even more excited than the palace head himself. He grasped the other man’s arms firmly, as if worried that his long-lost friend would fly away.

The elder and palace head hadn’t enjoyed a particularly close relationship in the Palace’s early years. Dan Chi taking over the helm had led to a massive push toward martial dao. The traditionally important pill dao was forced to yield its position, and the Herbal Hall its own leading spot to the Hall of Might.

Jiang Chen’s entrance into Regal Pill Palace had been a lubricant between Elder Yun Nie and Palace Head Dan Chi, bridging the differences between them. Eventually, they became united in purpose. The two men had harbored a common ambition: revitalizing Regal Pill Palace. Alas, the Eternal Celestial Capital...

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