Chapter 1278: Tan Zhi’s True Identity

Deeper within the young lord residence, Gouyu delegated to Xue Tong the work of accommodating the newcomers. 

As Jiang Chen’s cousin, Xue Tong had remained dedicated and loyal throughout the years. He had no complaints about being handed Gouyu’s work. He knew that Gouyu tended to be a bit haughty and was probably concerned about taking a strange man around by herself in trying to figure out living quarters. It was no trouble for him to step in on her behalf.

They were within the young lord residence anyway. Their safety was assured. Furthermore, Tan Zhi didn’t look like a bad guy, though he did seem a bit out of it. Was it because of nerves from where he was now?

As one of the young lord’s earliest confidants, Xue Tong had excellent martial dao potential. That, coupled with Jiang Chen’s cultivation of his abilities over the years had easily brought him into earth sage realm. In the process, he’d also become experienced enough to deal with a variety of situations.

“Fellow daoist Tan, I heard that you’ve declared your allegiance already to the young lord at the wandering cultivator meet. As long as you’re not planning...

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