Chapter 1277: The Transaction For The Heavencloud Ganoderma

Cheng Qian felt a bit embarrassed himself. He scratched his head sheepishly, constrained by the awkward situation. 

Emperor Peerless found the younger man’s silliness both endearing and sad. He saw a shadow of his past self in the man as well. In his younger days, Mo Wushuang had also felt this kind of helplessness. Without the opportunities that he’d chanced upon later on, he would never have gotten to where he was today. The sight of Cheng Qian touched him just like Gu Xintang had, back in the Tilted Moon Region.

Though Mo Wushuang appeared rough around the edges, he was actually a very sensitive man and easily became emotional.

“Young lord Zhen, the world is a much crueler place for wandering cultivators. Cheng Qian happening upon this spirit herb means that he’s one of the lucky ones. Since he’s come so sincerely to trade the Ganoderma with us, do you mind helping him a bit?”

Emperor Peerless was now making a more personal request on his junior’s behalf. The junior wandering cultivator had never thought that his great senior would do this. The gesture greatly warmed Cheng Qian’s heart.

Jiang Chen inclined his head slightly....

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