Chapter 1276: The Owner of the Heavencloud Ganoderma

Jiang Chen refused Long Baxiang’s rude request outright.

“You must beware of the Heavenly Dragon Sect, young lord.” The elder Jiao brother, Jiao Yun, spoke up. Normally, one would expect a statement like that to have come from Emperor Peerless. However, the two Jiao brothers had become Jiang Chen’s most loyal confidantes. Now harboring a healthy respect for the young lord, they protected him constantly.

“We’ve dealt with many sects during our travels,” Jiao Yun continued in a low voice. “We have at least a rudimentary understanding of the Heavenly Dragon Sect’s tendencies. People from this sect don’t rest until they reach their goal. They’re not as high profile as the Ninesuns Sky Sect, but they’re far more vicious once they have an objective in mind. Out of the eight first rank sects in the Upper Eight Regions, the Heavenly Dragon Sect is the thorniest.”

Jiao Feng nodded as well. “Absolutely. The Heavenly Dragon Sect is not to be underestimated.”

Jiang Chen didn’t know very much about the Heavenly Dragon Sect, but he knew how to read people. Long Baxiang didn’t look like an easygoing man. However, there...

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