Chapter 1275: The Heavenly Dragon Sect’s Demands

Jiang Chen didn’t put on airs after Tan Zhilian chose him. In actuality, no one would’ve believed him even if he’d spoken the truth that he wasn’t much interested in the token. He’d only listed it as number one of the paramount rank treasures out of fairness. But, since Tan Zhi wasn’t about to choose anyone else, there was no reason for him to draw the wandering cultivator’s ire by refusing.

The young lord nodded. “Since you trust me, Tan Zhi, I will give you the entire price of the jade token. May the heavens smite me if I fail to do so!”

His straightforwardness won the wandering cultivators’ respect. There was applause all around.

Jiang Chen himself remained impassive, pushing both hands downward. “I’d like to offer some advice to the wandering cultivator friends that exposed Tan Zhi, here. It’s not a good habit to kick someone when he’s down.”

The culprits felt their faces redden. They couldn’t refute the accusation at all.

The young lord saluted with cupped fist. “This is it for the first day’s treasure identification segment. The next three days will be free time to trade or transact. I’ll still be present during this...

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